Block Build Final Project

ID: block-build-final-project

Block build when upstream/downstream project is building. Optional final projects may be given.


This plug-in allows a project to block when upstream or downstream projects are building. Jenkins already provides this functionality built-in, but it blocks on the entire pipeline. This plug-in allows an optional final project to be specified. This allows the project to block on part of the pipeline instead of the entire pipeline.

When configuring a project, the following options are available when this plugin is installed:


For a detailed example on how to use this plugin, please visit GitHub



Jenkins version 1.625.3 or newer is required.

Version history

Version 1.0 (2017-01-21)

  • Initial release
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Version: 1.0
Requires Jenkins 1.625.3
Installs: 262
Chad Rosenquist
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