AWS Kinesis Consumer

ID: aws-kinesis-consumer

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aws-kinesis-consumer is a Jenkins plugin to connect to Kinesis and consume records coming from specific streams.

This plugin has global configuration only, so any features for user are not provided.

Implement listener plugin

This plugin provides an interface to listen application records coming from Kinesis.

To implement listener in your plugin, the below dependencies need to be added in your pom.xml:




Following is the Extension Point that will have to be implemented:

Prepare a release

  1. Update the README with the release notes. Use the following oneliner to capture the changes since the last release:
> git log --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit --no-merges
  1. Commit the README with the following message: "Prepare v<new_version> release notes". For example:
> git show  --pretty=format:"%s" -s  94398d33c4ca7f2010b01c8f6173a8c3cf79e0bf
Prepare v1.0.4 release notes
  1. Perform the release (NOTE: only the plugin maintainers have permissions to publish the artifacts):
> mvn release:clean release:prepare release:perform

The artifact will be available in the Jenkins Maven repository

Plugin Releases

v1.0.5 - Released - 17 September 2021

  • 87f58c6 Bump up Jenkins version to 2.312

v1.0.4 - Released - 15 September 2021

  • 0fab7b6 Move stream filtering to client
  • 6b3c9d1 Upgrade
  • b29949b Upgrade org.apache.commons:commons-compress

v1.0.3 - Released - 14 September 2021

  • 0e6bc81 Make consistent use of logger library
  • 58ca196 Handle kinesis record processor phases
  • be03616 Restart consumers upon configuration change
  • 67062a2 Introduce shutdownTimeoutMs configuration
  • ebc1f0c Automatically start consumers when jenkins is ready
  • 95deed1 Connect to multiple kinesis streams
  • c0867be Consolidate AWS async client builder
  • 088f0d6 Handle KinesisConsumer shutdown
  • abbd4f7 Make applicationName configurable

v1.0.2 - Released - 13 September 2021

Initial version of the plugin to connect and consume records from AWS Kinesis