Appdome Build-2secure


The Build-2Secure plugin for Jenkins automates three important steps in delivering more secure mobile applications to your users faster:
(1) Building app-level protections into mobile apps
(2) Code signing the protected mobile app
(3) Certifying the security of each protected mobile app.
The Appdome Build-2Secure plugin for Jenkins can be used to deliver Certifed Secure™ mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-malware, mobile anti-bot, and other cyber defense updates to mobile apps on the Appdome Cyber Defense Automation Platform. Use this plugin for Jenkins as a stand-alone DevSecOps integration or in combination with other DevSecOps integrations in your CI/CD pipeline. Developers have the option of using Freestyle or Pipeline projects to configure.

Getting started

For documentation on how to use the plugin, see the Appdome Build-2secure plugin.


Please report issues and enhancements through the Github issue tracker.