OWASP Markup Formatter2.0Minimum Jenkins requirement: 2.121.3ID: antisamy-markup-formatter

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OWASP Markup Formatter Plugin

a.k.a. "Safe HTML" Formatter Plugin

a.k.a. antisamy-markup-formatter plugin

This plugin sanitizes HTML sources according to the OWASP Java HTML Sanitizer and a basic policy allowing limited HTML markup in user-submitted text.

NOTE: Both the file name antisamy-markup-formatter and the class name RawHtmlMarkupFormatter are misleading: Neither describes the behavior of the plugin. Both names are used for historical reasons only.

This plugin is bundled in the Jenkins WAR file and will generally be installed when using the setup wizard, or as a dependency of other plugins.

The "Safe HTML" option in the "Global Security Configuration" page of Jenkins CI is provided by this plugin. This is what controls the HTML filtering for your job descriptions, etc.


When installed, 'Safe HTML' can be selected as Markup Formatter in "Manage Jenkins" → "Configure Global Security" → "Markup Formatter":

User-submitted text, like build, job, and view descriptions, will be sanitized by removing potentially dangerous elements.

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