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Ansible Tower
0.8.7Minimum Jenkins requirement: 2.0ID: ansible-tower


This plugin connects Jenkins to Ansible Tower, allowing you to execute job templates.


After installing the plugin you can configure Ansible Tower servers in the Jenkins Global Configuration under the section Ansible Tower by clicking the add button.


The fields are as follows:

Field Name Description
Name The name that this Ansible Tower installation will be referenced as.
URL The base URL of the Ansible Tower server.
Credentials The credentials within Jenkins to be used to connect to the Ansible Tower server. These should be "Username with password" type credentials.
Force Trust Cert

If your Ansible Tower instance is using an https cert that Jenkins does not trust, and you want the plugin to trust the cert anyway, you can click this box.

You should really understand the implications if you are going to use this option. Its meant for testing purposes only.


Enable Debugging

This will allow the plugin to write detailed messages into the jenkins.log for debugging purposes. It will show show requests to the server and payloads. This can contain a lot of data. All messages are prefixed with \[Ansible-Tower\].

For Example:

[Ansible-Tower] building request to
[Ansible-Tower] Adding auth for admin
[Ansible-Tower] Forcing cert trust
[Ansible-Tower] {"count":4,"next":null ...

Once the settings are completed, you can test the connection between Jenkins and Ansible Tower by clicking on the Test Connection button.


Adding a Build Step

In a freestyle project a new build step called Ansible Tower is now available:

Field Description
Tower Server The predefined Ansible Tower server to run the template on.
Template Type Whether you are running a job or workflow template.
Template ID The name or numerical ID of the template to be run on the Ansible Tower server.
Extra Vars

Additional variables to be passed to the job. I.e.:
my_var: This is a variable called my_var 

Job Tags

Any job tags to be passed to Ansible Tower.

Skip Job Tags Any skip tags to be passed to Ansible Tower.
Job Type Is this a template run or a check.
Limit The servers to limit the invocation to.
Inventory The name or numeric ID of the inventory to run the job on.
Credential The name or numeric ID of the credentials to run the job with.
Verbose Add additional messages to the Jenkins console about the job run.
Import Tower Output Pull all of the logs from Ansible Tower into the Jenkins console.
Import Workflow Child Output Pull in the output from all of the jobs that the template runs.
Remove Color When importing the Ansible Tower output, strip off the ansi color codings.

Pipeline support

Tower jobs can be executed from workflow scripts.
The towerServer and jobTemplate are the only required parameters.

Pipeline Example
node {
    stage('MyStage') {
            towerServer: 'Prod Tower',
            templateType: 'job',
            jobTemplate: 'Simple Test',
            importTowerLogs: true,
            inventory: 'Demo Inventory',
            jobTags: '',
			skipJobTags: '',
            limit: '',
            removeColor: false,
            verbose: true,
            credential: '',
            extraVars: '''---
my_var:  "Jenkins Test"'''

Expanding Env Vars

The fields passed to Tower (jobTemplate, extraVars, limit, jobTags, inventory, credential) can have Jenkins Env Vars placed inside of them and expanded. For example, if you had a job parameter as TAG you could expand that in the Extra Vars like this:

my_var: "$TAG"

Console Color

You need to install another plugin like [AnsiColor plugin](https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/AnsiColor+Plugin) to output a colorized Ansible log.

Pipeline Example With AnsiColor
node {
	wrap([$class: 'AnsiColorBuildWrapper', colorMapName: "xterm"]) {
			towerServer: 'Prod Tower',
			jobTemplate: 'Simple Test',
			importTowerLogs: true,
			inventory: 'Demo Inventory',
			jobTags: '',
			limit: '',
			removeColor: false,
			verbose: true,
			credential: '',
			extraVars: '''---
			my_var: "Jenkins Test"'''

If you do not have a plugin like AnsiColor or want to remove the color from the log set removeColor: true.

Returning Data

The plugin supports sending data back to Jenkins as environment variables via the EnvInject plugin. First be sure the plugin is installed (its not a dependency for this plugin, it needs to be installed separately).

If you try to export a variable but don't have the EnvInject plugin installed the Tower plugin will let you know with a message like:

    Found environment variables to inject but the EnvInject plugin was not found


There are two method for exporting data: Purpose Driven Logging and Setting Stats

Purpose Driven Logging

Then, in your Tower job simply include a debugging statement like:

    - name: Set a Jenkins variable

The Tower plugin will recognize this message and use EnvInject plugin to add an environment variable named VAR_NAME with a value of "value" into the pipeline for consumption by downstream tasks.

Setting Stats

Another option is to use the set_stats module in Ansible like:

    - name: Set a jenkins variable for with stat
            - some_name: var_value
            - some_other_var : Another value
        aggregate: yes
        per_host: no

The Tower plugin will look for variables under JENKINS_EXPORT and use EnvInject plugin to add an environment variables into the pipeline for consumption by downstream tasks. In the previous example two variables would be created: some_name, set to var_value; and some_other_var set to "Another value".

Please reference set_stats documentation for usage and additional parameters, per_host and aggregate are not necessarily needed.

Open Issues

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution



Version 0.8.7 (Jul-23-2018)

  • Fixed URI to authtoken.

Version 0.8.6 (Jul-15-2018)

Version 0.8.5 (Jun-03-2018)

  • Decreased version dependency on EnvInject plugin due to issues. Thanks to Mikael Gaunin for the Pull Request.

Version 0.8.4 (Apr-29-2018)

  • Removed comparable since in pom.xml to prevent warning about invalid config files. [ JENKINS-51009 ] Thanks to Adrien for catching this.

Version 0.8.3 (Apr-13-2018)

Version 0.8.2 (Mar-24-2018)

  • Added help text for template ID. [ JENKINS-50239 ]
  • Notes for extra vars, job tags, limit, inventory and credential now indicate that "Prompt on Launch" in the template is required for the setting to take affect in Tower [ JENKINS-49915 ]

Version 0.8.1 (Mar-10-2018)

  • The connection will now be attempted by an authtoken first, if that fails (like on the new versions of AWX) it will revert to Basic Auth. [ JENKINS-50031 ]

Version 0.8.0 (Feb-18-2018)

  • Mostly changes when interacting with Tower:
    • Added filtered lookups of items by name to reduce time searching through the results and also prevent pagination issues.
    • Plugin now utilizes authtokens after initial login. This should decrease run times when the Tower instance is using an external authenticator (such as LDAP).
    • Changes to the logging to try and prevent pagination issues and also enhance the speed of looking up logs.
  • Contributed code enhancements:
    • Source code spelling fixes. (Josh Soref)
    • Fixes for warning if passing items (such as credentials) but the job template is not prompting for the item. (Josh Offutt)
    • Final check for log entries after the job completes running. (James McShane)

Version 0.7.0 (Jan-02-2018)

  • Fixed an issue with purpose driven logging where ending color codes could have been included in variable values
  • Added debugging option to Tower configuration
  • Added set_stats variable detection for variable export

Version 0.6.1 (Dec-20-2017)

  • Bug fixes for last release (it basically didn't work)
  • Added some checking for passed credentials and inventory (even if an ID is passed)
  • Also tries to give a better error if extra vars are bad

Version 0.6.0 (Dec-12-2017)

  • Allowed returning variables back to Jenkins via logging

Version 0.5.4 (Dec-7-2017)

  • Plugin now reports if you are passing in a value (like job tags) but prompt on launch is not configured for the job template. [ JENKINS-48377 ]
  • Workflows with inventory updates or sum updates no longer fail when pulling logs back into Jenkins. [ JENKINS-48438 ]

Version 0.5.3 (Dec-2-2017)

  • Fixed bug where existing jobs would get NullPointerExceptions when installing the new version of the plugin.

Version 0.5.2 (Dec-2-2017)

  • Added option to specify workflow or job templates
    Thanks again to Alvin Wong for the suggestion. 

Version 0.5.1 (Nov-21-2017)

  • Expanded Jenkins EnvVars in all fields being passed to Tower
    Thanks to Alvin Wong for the suggestion.

Version 0.5.0 (Nov-11-2017)

  • Initial release


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