Adobe Cloud Manager

ID: adobe-cloud-manager

This plugin integrates with Adobe Cloud Manager API to allow a Jenkins job to start a specific pipeline.


Create AdobeIO Service

You must create a Cloud Manager Service Integration in your Adobe IO console. Follow adobe's documentation

Configure Plugin with service credentials

After installing the plugin: In your Jenkins instance,

  1. navigate to Manage Jenkins > Configure System
  2. Scroll down to Cloud Manager Plugin
  3. Fill in the fields from your created Adobe IO Service Integration (see screenshot below)
  4. Click Test Adobe IO Connection
  5. A success message will display, save the configuration.

Add Cloud Manager Build Step to a Job

  1. Open any Jenkins job
  2. Scroll to Build section
  3. Click Add Build Step
  4. Select Cloud Manager Build Step
  5. Select the Program and Pipeline you want this job to start.

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Version: 1.0.2
Requires Jenkins 2.164.3
Installs: 20
Ahmed Musallam
Bryan Stopp
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