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BlazeMeter3.0Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.580.1ID: BlazeMeterJenkinsPlugin

Installs: 295
Last released: 3 months ago
Zmicer Kashlach


This plugin allows you to load test your site using BlazeMeter. Jenkins will show a report generated by the test.
It includes the feature of setting the final build status as good, unstable or failed, based on the reported error percentage, and response time.


Job DSL support;

- remote agents support;

- can download junit report after finishing test;

- can download jtl report after finishing test;

- can push jmeter properties for test;

- logs communication with BlazeMeter server to separate log file(this may simplify issue investigation) - <WORKSPACE>/<build #>/http-log;

- supports proxy server using built-in jenkins functionality(Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins -> Advanced);


- initial steps;

- reports;

- using Job DSL;

using pipeline;


log files;

Stop/terminate BlazeMeter test from plugin;

Setting build result logic;


It's here.

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