Windows Exe Runner

ID: windows-exe-runner

This plug-in is used to run the Windows Exe.


This plug-in is used to run the Windows Exe.


System configuration

  1. Open the system configuration page "Manage Jenkins->Configure system"
  2. Enter the path to the Windows exe, that should be used by Jenkins.

Job configuration



Exe Name

Select Windows Exe.

Command Line Arguments

You can specify multiple command line arguments by separating them with new-line or space.

Fail build on test failure

Fail build on test failure.


Version 1.3 (11/01/2018)

Supports Token Macro Plugin

Works with Pipeline

Version 1.2 (08/19/2013)

Support Promoted Builds Plugin.

Version 1.1 (04/06/2013)

Add index.jelly.

Version 1.0 (03/26/2013)

Initial release.

ArchivesGet past versions
Version: 1.2
Requires Jenkins 1.466
Installs: 1,715
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