Warrior Framework


Warrior Framework Plugin allows user to integrate Warrior Automation Framework with Jenkins to execute Warrior files

Warrior Framework Plugin installation

1. Navigate to Manage Jenkins → Manage Plugins → Available

2. Install 'Warrior Framework Plugin'

3. Restart Jenkins to complete installation

Running a Jenkins job with Warrior Framework Plugin

1. In Jenkins, navigate to 'New Item' and create a new Job

2. In Build section, click 'Add build step', and select 'Warrior Framework Plugin'

3. Provide values for all required fields(* indicates mandatory field)

  • refer 'Configuration' section below

4. Save the changes and click 'Build Now' to run the Job


1. Execute warrior files(case/suite/project)

2. Upload the execution logs to FTP/SFTP/SCP server


Plugin has below sections:

1. Configuration details(mandatory):

Warhorn will be used for setting up the execution environment for Warrior Framework and the details of configuration/input file for warhorn will be specified in this section.

Configuration file can be downloaded either from a git repository or via SFTP.

2. Files to run(mandatory):

Provide relative/absolute path of warrior files - case/suite/project to be executed by Warrior Framework

3. Python path(optional):

Provide the absolute path of Python interpreter or the default python will be used for execution.

4. Copy Warrior log files to remote server(optional):

Provide the details of the system where the log files will be uploaded using FTP/SFTP/SCP

Note - Click the help(?) button in the plugin to know more about each field.


Release 1.2

  • Minor changes

Release 1.1

  • Minor changes

Release 1.0

  • Initial release of the plugin