Throttle Concurrent Builds


This plugin allows for throttling the number of concurrent builds of a project running per node or globally.

Getting started

This plugin supports three modes:

  • Throttling of runs by one or multiple category

  • Throttling of multiple runs of the same AbstractProject job (not recommended)

  • Throttling of runs by parameter values

For each mode it is possible to setup global, label-specific, and node-specific limits for concurrent runs. If multiple throttling categories are defined, each requirement needs to be satisfied in order for the task to be taken off the queue.

Usage specifics:

  • If the throttling category cannot be satisfied, the task submission stays in the queue until the locked category becomes available.

  • The submission can be terminated manually or by timeout.

  • This plugin throttles tasks only on common executors. Flyweight tasks are not throttled.

  • If the jobs are organized into a chain (e.g., via Parameterized Trigger build steps), each run in the chain is counted independently. For example, if ProjectA and ProjectB use category cat_A on the same node, two executors are required from the category pool. Improper configuration of categories/jobs may result in a deadlock of such build chains due to consumption of all executors and waiting for downstream executions blocked in the queue.

Global configuration

Global configuration allows defining global categories. For each category you can set up global, label-specific, and node-specific restrictions for executor numbers. After configuration, it is possible to select and use the categories in job configurations. For example:

Global Category Configuration

To set an unlimited value of concurrent builds for a restriction, use 0.

Also global configuration could be configured via Jenkins Configuration as Code (JCasC) as following:

    - categoryName: "myThrottleCategory"
      maxConcurrentTotal: 5
      maxConcurrentPerNode: 2
      - throttledNodeLabel: "docker"
        maxConcurrentPerNodeLabeled: 1

Throttling of classic job types

Classic job types (e.g., Freestyle, Matrix, and Job DSL) can be configured via job properties in the job configuration screen. For example:

Throttle Job Property

There are two modes: Throttle this project alone and Throttle this project as part of one or more categories. Only one mode can be enabled.

Throttle this project alone
  • For this option you should configure Maximum Total Concurrent Builds and/or Maximum Concurrent Builds Per Node.

  • To set an unlimited value of concurrent builds for a restriction, use 0.

  • With this option categories are ignored.

Throttle this project as part of one or more categories
  • For this option you should specify enabled categories using checkboxes.

  • With this option the Maximum Total Concurrent Builds and Maximum Concurrent Builds Per Node fields are ignored.

Prevent multiple jobs with identical parameters from running concurrently
  • This option adds additional throttling by parameter values.

For Matrix projects the property offers two additional checkboxes, which define throttling behavior for Matrix master runs and configuration runs. For example:

Throttle Job Property for Matrix

Throttling of Pipeline jobs

throttle() step

Starting in throttle-concurrents-2.0, this plugin allows throttling of particular Pipeline blocks by categories. For this purpose you can use the throttle() step.

How does it work?

  • If a throttle() step is used, all explicit and implicit node() invocations within this step are throttled.

  • If a node() step is used within a parallel() block, each parallel branch is throttled separately.

  • Throttling of Pipeline steps in throttle() takes precedence over other throttling logic, such as job properties in Pipeline and other job types.

  • If the specified category is missing, throttle() execution fails the run.

Warning regarding restarting the Jenkins controller

Due to a deadlock (as described in JENKINS-44747), a change has been made which can theoretically result in throttle categories being ignored in running Pipelines immediately after the Jenkins controller has been restarted. This will be investigated further in JENKINS-44756 but was considered necessary in order to resolve the deadlock scenario.


Example 1: Throttling of node() runs

// Throttle a single operation
throttle(['test_2']) {
    node() {
        sh "sleep 500"
        echo "Done"

Example 2: Throttling of parallel steps

// The script below triggers 6 subtasks in parallel.
// Then tasks are throttled according to the category settings.
def labels = ['1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6']
def builders = [:]
for (x in labels) {
    def label = x // Need to bind the label variable before the closure

    // Create a map to pass in to the 'parallel' step so we can fire all the builds at once
    builders[label] = {
      node('linux') {
        sh "sleep 5"

throttle(['myThrottleCategory1', 'myThrottleCategory2']) {
  parallel builders

Example 3: Throttling of declarative pipelines

To throttle concurrent builds to 1, configure a global category and add an options property to the pipeline.

Global Category Configuration Test3

pipeline {
    agent any

    // Throttle a declarative pipeline via options
    options {
          categories: ['test_3'],
          throttleEnabled: true,
          throttleOption: 'category'

    stages {
        stage('sleep') {
            steps {
                sh "sleep 500"
                echo "Done"

Example 4: Throttling of declarative stages

It is possible to throttle a stage of a declarative pipeline if the stage assigns an agent. The throttle step should be placed in the options block of the stage.

pipeline {
    agent none

    stages {
        stage('sleep') {
            agent any
            options {
            steps {
                sh "sleep 500"
                echo "Done"

Unsupported use cases

This section contains links to the use cases which are not supported.

Throttling of code blocks without a node() definition

A feature request is logged as JENKINS-44411.

Throttling Pipeline via job properties

Starting in throttle-concurrents-2.0, using this option is not recommended. Use the throttle() step instead.

Starting in throttle-concurrents-1.8.5, this plugin supports the definition of throttling settings via job properties. The behavior of such definition may differ from your expectation and may change in new plugin versions.

Current behavior:

  • If the property is defined, Pipeline jobs are throttled as any other project.

  • Pipeline jobs are throttled on the top level as a single instance. They are considered a single job even if there are declarations like parallel().

  • Node requirements are considered for the root Pipeline task only, so effectively only the master node is checked.

Use this option at your own risk.


Licensed under the MIT License.



Report issues and enhancements in the Jenkins issue tracker. Use the throttle-concurrent-builds-plugin component in the JENKINS project.


Refer to our contribution guidelines.