TestQuality Updater

ID: testquality-updater

This plugin allows you to automatically upload test results to TestQuality for further analysis.


In order to upload test results you will first have to create a Test Plan in TestQuality. Each testing job in jenkins should get it's own Test Plan. Otherwise the system might assume tests have been removed when alternating between different test results with different tests.


Under Manage Jenkins > Configure System. 

Fill in your username and password for TestQuality and push Test Connection.

For the Jenkins job, add a Post-build Action. Choose TestQuality Updater.

Select Project, Test Plan and Milestone. The Test Results XMLs, works the same as JUnit Test Result plugin.


Version 1.0

Initial version also for automatic upload of test results. 

Version 1.3

Bug fixes.

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Version: 1.3
Requires Jenkins 1.625.3
Installs: 84
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James Pitts
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