Plugin for Jenkins that provides an after build step task for uploading external code coverage to teamscale.

Getting started

See documentation

For Developers

Fork or clone
create a new branch with name specifying what you want modify


To build the project locally

mvn hpi:run

To package as .hpi and .jar for manual installation in jenkins

mvn package


To run all tests either via maven

mvn test

or the unit tests in your IDE.


File a PR on master Ask a repository maintainer to approve the PR or become a maintainer yourself

Consider reading this to become a maintainer.

As Maintainer: Consider reading Releasing jenkins plugin

  • Ensure you have the credentials for added to your ~/.m2/settings.xml as described here.
  • Run the following command
mvn release:prepare release:perform
  • During the execution of the command enter the desired version numbers (performing and committing the changes happens automatically)
  • Push the newly created tag to origin once the command succeeds