Deprecated: This plugin has been marked as deprecated. In general, this means that this plugin is either obsolete, no longer being developed, or may no longer work.

More information about the cause of this deprecation, and suggestions on how to proceed may be found at

This plugin provide integrations with IBM Rational CM/Synergy 6.5a Version Manager SCM


Development and testing projects

Those features applies to projects in the working or prep state.

  • Set the workarea path of an existing project to the location of the Hudson project workspace
  • Update the workarea
  • Detect conflicts
  • Create a changelog

This feature apply to projects in the prep state.

  • Create and publish a baseline (always, never or only if the build is successful)
  • Copy the tasks from a Synergy folder to another

Baselined projects

Those features applies to static projects.

  • Copy a snapshot of a project
  • Copy a snapshot of all projects in a baseline


  • Copy a snapshot of added or changed files between two projects
  • Copy a snapshot of added ot changed files between two baselines
  • Create a changelog


This plugin is using the CLI interface. It has been developed and tested with Synergy 6.5

Using multiple nodes

It is possible to build a project on multiple nodes, by creating a copy of the project for each node. The name of the node must be in the Synergy project name, and a dynamic project name must be set in the Synergy plugin.

For example, if the project names match a pattern like "project-NODE" (where "NODE" is the name of the node), the name of the project in the Synergy plugin must be "project-${COMPUTERNAME}".


The location of the ccm executable must be set in the system configuration page.
Depending on the server, a location for the ccm ui and ccm eng log may also need to be set.


1.7 (17 Sep 2013)

  • Handle spaces inside object names (pull #8)
  • Updated to 1.424 baseline (pull #10)
  • Keep passwords secret (pull #11)
  • Corrected Unix vs. Windows determination on slaves (pull #12)


Improve change polling : if configured to do so, check change applies to the project and not only the release.
Fix starting when a warning is returned by Synergy at login.
Only auto-configure the workarea if configured to do so.
Allow to update a project grouping.
Improve changelog computation speed.
Fix use of dynamic project name, allowing to build on multiple nodes.
Don't required the build manager role if not needed.
Fix subproject path in change log.
Improve error detection.

Bug fixes
Baseline "Release" and "Purposes" will be based on the project's if the fields are left blank (JENKINS-8613)


Add option to reuse a session.
Add option to keep or update subprojects when updating a project.
Add option to abort the build if there are update warnings.
Add "copy folder" post build function.
Add "pathname" start parameter.
Fix location of subproject.
Fix detection of "No task" conflict.
Fix checkout of baselined project because the changelog is not computed.


Fix conflict detection.


Support conflict detection. The build fails if conflicts are detected.
Fix use of the "-rc" flag.
Fix baseline creation.
Fail the build if the Synergy update command returns 1.
Reset workarea path if an obsolete workarea is found (may not handle all cases)


Support change pooling.
Support the "-rc" start flag.
Improve the computation of the modified file paths in the changelog for subprojects (still needs some work).
Allow to use the baseline objectname as the baseline name.


Fix end of line handling on UNIX server, which was causing a failure in the detection of the project state.
Don't assume the database version delimiter is '~'


Initial release