Stackify Deployment Recorder

ID: stackify-deployment-recorder


Jenkins Plugin to Record Deployments in Stackify Retrace

Deployment Tracking Overview:

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Manage Jenkins / Manage Plugins / Available

Search for 'Stackify' and install the 'Stackify Deployment Recorder' plugin.


Jenkins Job / Configure

Add the 'Record deployment in Stackify Retrace' Post Build Action

Fill in your Stackify API key first. You will then get a drop down list of applications to pick from.

The configuration defaults should be fine for a Git + Maven Java project.

Save your job configuration changes.


Job Log

Jenkins Job / Console Output

System Log

Manage Jenkins / System Log / Add new log recorder

Name: Stackify

Logger: org.jenkinsci.plugins.stackify

Then you can view log messages from the Stackify plugin.


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Version: 1.1.0
Requires Jenkins 1.625.3
Installs: 22
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Eric Martin
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