SSH Agent

SSH Agent Plugin

This plugin allows you to provide SSH credentials to builds via a ssh-agent in Jenkins.

This is convenient in some cases. Alternately, you can use the generic withCredentials step to bind an SSH private key to a temporary file and then pass that to commands that require it, for example using the -i option to ssh or scp.


You need to have the ssh-agent executable installed on the agent.


First you need to add some SSH Credentials to your instance:

Jenkins | Manage Jenkins | Manage Credentials

Note that only Private Key based credentials can be used.

Then configure your build to use the credentials:

And then your build will have those credentials available, e.g.

From a Pipeline job, use the sshagent step.


steps {
    sshagent(credentials: ['ssh-credentials-id']) {
      sh '''
          [ -d ~/.ssh ] || mkdir ~/.ssh && chmod 0700 ~/.ssh
          ssh-keyscan -t rsa,dsa >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts
          ssh ...

Version History

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