Slave Prerequisites

Deprecated: This plugin has been marked as deprecated. In general, this means that this plugin is either obsolete, no longer being developed, or may no longer work.

More information about the cause of this deprecation, and suggestions on how to proceed may be found at

This plugin allows to check prerequisites on slave before a job can run a build on it


Labels can be used to group slave nodes based on various criteria, but in some cases such criteria may be dynamic : free disk space, available license token, attached hardware. This plugin let a job define a script to be executed on candidate nodes as the Queue is searching for the best available executor to check if some dynamic prerequisites are met, and to veto a node if not.


Job can define a shell script to be ran as the Build Queue is looking for the best node to host the build.   

This script will be executed asynchronously by the build queue, and the job will stay in waiting state until one of the nodes successfully run the script. On failure, a new attempt on the node will run as the next Build Queue maintenance cycle occurs, so that the script can be used to check for dynamic resources to be available just before the job starts on the node.

Please note this plugin requires Jenkins 1.452 and later, as it depends on 1ac4872ecdc500c63c0dbfce5e4beb5ce78369e5


Version 1.1 (not released yet)


Version 1.0 (released february 29, 2012)

  • initial release