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Plugin for Jenkins enabling changing a build queue from UI manually.
There are two types of moves: one up/down or fast way to top/bottom. The third move type is added in filtered view to distinguish between top of filtered items and top of all items. The user must have an Administer/Overall or MANAGE/Overall permission for changing the queue order. (since plugin version 1.3.5)
For using Manage permission is needed plugin: Orders buildable items only, for that reason blocked items do NOT have an arrow.

Question & issues

Javadoc & releases can be found on
As well as Jenkins core our plugin uses JIRA for reporting issues.
If you want to read more about this plugin, Jenkins queue and plugin development help yourself with 44 pages long document in Czech language -

For developers

Sequence diagram Sequence diagram Sequence diagram

Testing build

mvn hpi:run

Performing release

Always test connection before release.
Testing connection: ssh -T
Release: mvn release:prepare release:perform

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Version: 1.4.1
Requires Jenkins 2.222.3
Installs: 116
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Jaroslav Otradovec
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