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Sometimes you want to have everything in one place, even if in reality it is spread across a number of folders or even a number of jenkins servers. This plugin helps with that by allowing you to create an item that is a shortcut to any URL - either absolute, or relative to the web server or relative to Jenkins root.


Simply create a new item with type Shortcut - enter a name for it and URL, and you are done.

Job Options:

  • Name - Job name

  • TargetUrl - Target URL in one of three formats:

    1. Full URL stating with http:// or https://

      • Example:

      If your jenkins server is at and you moved team "team"'s folder to a new jenkins server with url of You can create an item in old server with TargetUrl of

    2. Relative URL starting with / - this will be relative to the root of current web server.

    3. Relative URL not stating with / - this will be relative to your Jenkins install

  • enabled - This flag allows you to troubleshoot your shortcut. If not enabled, clicking on the item will display target instead of redirecting you.

Known issues

  • Currently, when you save your item, you will be redirected to the URL immediately (if item is enabled)
  • Renaming of items broke sometime before initial release
  • Absolute lack of unit tests


  • 0.5 - Bugfixes

    • Fix handling of URL
  • 0.4 - Stable version

  • 0.1 - Initial Version

    Initial version