Semantic Versioning

Version: 1.10Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.614ID: semantic-versioning-plugin
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Steve Wagner

The SemanticVersioning plugin for Jenkins is a plugin that reads the base version (Major, Minor, SNAPSHOT) settings from various build definition file formats. The plugin currently supports POM, SBT, and Build.scala. SemanticVersioning uses the values parsed from the build definition files in conjunction with the Jenkins build number to create a Semantic Versioning string. The string is stored in an build-environment variable (name is configurable). Additionally the Semantic Versioning string is written to a file in the Artifact directory.

The second part of the plugin adds a column to the Dashboard that displays the Semantic Versioning string from the most recent successful build.


The latest and greatest source for the SemanticVersioning plugin can be found on GitHub. Fork us!

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