SCM to job

Finds jobs by their SCM URL.

This plugin finds all jobs that use a certain Git or Subversion repository URL.

Given you have a lot of jobs (say 2000) organised in 20 team masters
and the jobs poll about 30 SVN repositories every minute located on one SVN server
and you are not allowed or able to install post-commit hooks,
then each job will execute at least 15 WEBDAV commands per poll, resulting 30,000 HTTP requests per second.

Most of the status updates return with a "nothing changed" and are useless

So instead of hitting the server to death:

  • create a cron timed job running every minute which polls the root of the 30 repositories
  • compares the revision to the previous run
  • and only when something changed, calls svn log, retrieves SCM information from the 20 team masters via this plugin and starts polling individually.


Version 2.5 (Aug 3 2016)

  • Bug fix: NPE if any job isn't an AbstractProject

Version 2.4 (Sep 27 2013)

  • Enhancement: find jobs also if the search url is shorter than the scm url

Version 2.3 (May 8 2013)

  • Bug fix (Partly identical scm paths lead to false positives.)

Version 2.2 (Sep 20 2012)

  • Bug fix (Submit button didn't work with WebKit browsers)

Version 2.1 (Sep 19 2012)

  • First public version of this plugin (versions before were for internal use only)