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Sebastian Sdorra
Eduard Heimbuch

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Jenkins SCM-Manager 2 Plugin


This plugin has two features:

  • Once the plugin is installed, it will automatically detect jobs which have configured scm that points to an instance of SCM-Manager v2. If such a build job is started, the plugin will send the PENDING state for the checkout revision to SCM-Manager. After the build is complete the plugin will send the resulting state to SCM-Manager (SUCCESS, UNSTABLE or FAILURE).
  • For multibranch pipelines there is a new branch source named "SCM-Manager", so you can create pipelines in Jenkins that can find branches, tags and pull requests in SCM-Manager hosted repositories on their own. In cooperation with the jenkins plugin in SCM-Manager Jenkins will receive hooks on every change and trigger new builds.


The plugin requires SCM-Manager v2 with an installed scm-ci-plugin.


To build the plugin just run the maven package phase.

mvn package


Start the local Jenkins instance:

mvn hpi:run
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