Schedule Build

Adds capability to schedule a build for a later point in time. Asks the user for a date and time and adds the build to the build queue with the respective quiet period.

Scheduling Builds

Press the "Schedule Build" link on the project page

or use the schedule build action in the list view.

Then select date and time when to schedule the build.

The build will be added to the build queue with the respective quiet period.

Configure Schedule Build Plugin

The configuration of the schedule build plugin is very simple. There are only two parameters on the Jenkins system configuration page.

The default time which is set when a user wants to schedule a build may be configured and time zone used by the plugin, which might differ from the system time zone.

Configuration as code

This plugin supports configuration as code

Add to your yaml file:

    defaultStartTime: "11:00:00 PM"
    timeZone: "Europe/Paris"

Release Notes

Report an Issue

Please report issues and enhancements through the Jenkins issue tracker.