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3.2.1Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.642.3ID: saltstack

This plugin sends a SaltStack API message as a build step


Basic usage


Installing this plugin contributes following:

  • Send a message to Salt API - Build step

Simply fill out the connection details


The Build debian package step has a main configuration parameter "Path to 'debian' catalog" that should point to a catalog that contains debian catalog.

For example, if checkout has structure like $WORKSPACE/myproject/util/debian/ you should use myproject/util as a configuration value.

By default, the build step will install all the requirements on its own, use pbuilder-satisfy-depends to install build-deps of a package and then use debuild to actually build package.

The package .deb will be added as a build artifact and badge with a version per backage built will be applied to the build:


The Publish debian packages post-build step uses debrealease to publish package and according .changes to the selected repository. The dupload.conf will be automatically generated with configured GPG account data and used keys.

Automatic version manipulation

Plugin is capable of automatically starting new package version upon build, recording recent changes and commiting it back to SCM.

However, the only supported SCM so far is Subversion due to the absence of commit capabilities in Jenkins SCM core classes.

To use it, check the "Generate changelog" box on the build step and "Commit changes back to repository" on the post-build step.

Upon build, it will:

  • start a new version, increasing last numeric component of version by 1 – i.e. version 1.2.8 will become 1.2.9;
  • if SCM is SVN, append revision number to the version number in form of '1.2.r12345', where 12345 is the revision;
  • record all the changes – from SVN revision history, starting from last recorded revision, or from Jenkins build history – to debian/changelog of a new version via dch;

To better handle failed builds, use 'Checkout fresh copy' SVN option (or similar for other SCM).

Known issues

None at this time


Version 1.0 (Sep 4, 2014)

  • Initial Version
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