Repository Connector

The Jenkins project announced unresolved security vulnerabilities affecting the current version of this plugin (why?):

Repository Connector Plugin

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Jenkins plugin which allows for retrieval or deployment of artifacts to/from a repository such as Nexus or Artifactory and static servers implementing the repository layout.

2.0.0 Changes

With the release of version 2.0.0 come the following changes, some of which may require jobs to be reconfigured, although none should cease to work outright. 🤞

  • Jenkins >= 2.222.4 required
  • Artifact deployment re-enabled
  • Version resolution build parameters are required to have a name (possible breaking change)
  • Separated repository and transfer logging into separate options
  • Artifact resolution 'fail on error' can be specified per artifact

Credentials are now stored in and provided by the Credentials plugin. Any previously stored username/password combinations stored by the plugin configuration are migrated upon startup.

Aether Resolution / Deployment

The plugin has been updated to use the same underlying aether library as maven itself. Artifact resolution policies are configured as part of the repository now instead of at the job level. It is also possible to specify individual deployment endpoints for snapshots and releases if you are using a repository manager.

During artifact resolution, only the artifact itself will be resolved. Prior versions of the plugin would attempt to resolve all transitive dependencies as well, but not install them into the local repository. This could lead to issues where resolution of the artifact itself would succeed but still result in failure because a dependency could not be found.


JCasC is fully supported. Please visit the please visit the wiki for additional details.


The jenkins-job-dsl is fully supported using the dynamic dsl. As of 2.0.0, the built-in dsl provided by the job-dsl plugin will no longer work.

Plugin Configuration

The plugin comes pre-configured with an entry for maven central that allows for immediate use. Select the Maven Artifact Resolver option from the Build Steps dropdown and and configure accordingly.

For more instructions, please visit the wiki.


Maven Central Snapshots

If you are looking to resolve SNAPSHOT versions from artifacts you would find on maven central, add a repository configuration that uses the following endpoint, with the release policy disabled.


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