Remote File1.8Minimum Jenkins requirement: 2.176.1ID: remote-file

Remote File Plugin

This plugin enables definition of external Jenkins file from another repository for MultiBranch Pipelines.


Jenkins MultiBranch Pipeline feature is great to manage multi branched repositories which need to have dynamically created Pipeline Jobs on-demand. To use this feature you need to define Jenkins Pipeline Script in the repository alongside with the source code.

But when it comes to adding new definitions/stages/steps or maintaining the Jenkins Pipeline Script for other reasons, you need to make all the changes within all branches or make changes in master branch and wait for other branches getting the update. For eliminating this you can use Jenkins Shared Library. However when you are in an large-scaled/enterprise environments with hundreds/thousands of developers with lots of repositories, you need to somehow protect the content/stability of the Jenkins Pipeline Scripts to avoid failures.

In this point Remote File Plugin comes in. With this plugin you can define/set Jenkins files from another repository while still able to use MultiBranch Pipeline Project features. This way you will be able to centralize all Jenkins files in another repository where you can review or restrict changes and use MultiBranch Pipeline for multi branched repositories.

In summary, Using MultiBranch Pipeline Jobs with Remote File Plugin you can;

  • Centralize Jenkins Files in another repository
  • Easily maintain
  • Review or restrict changes
  • Apply changes to all Pipelines in seconds


To use this Plugin first you need to install it from Jenkins Plugin Site, for details see Managing Plugins

After installing plugin for using the plugin you can follow the steps with examples below,

Assume that you have a project to build, named "MyCrazyProject", which is stored in repository

  • Create a new repository for storing Jenkins files for your projects. For example, it is named "MyJenkinsLibrary" and stored in
  • Create a directory in this repository for your project. For example, create directory called "MyCrazyProject"
  • Commit/Push your Jenkins File, named "Jenkinsfile" under this directory
  • Open you Jenkins and create a new Mult iBranch Project. For example, named "MyCrazyProject Job"
  • Add Source for your project to build. For example, fill information for "MyCrazyProject"
  • In the "Build Configuration", change "Mode" to "by Remote Jenkins File Plugin". You will see new SCM definition is occurred under.
  • Define your script path. For example, it will be "MyCrazyProject/Jenkinsfile"
  • Define your SCM for Jenkins file. For example, it will be the repository
  • Click Save.
  • In the "Scan Multi Branch Pipeline Log", you will see logs "Ignoring Jenkins file checking in Source Code SCM" which is normal as this plugin ignores Jenkins files in your repository and inject Jenkins File from other repository which you stored your Jenkins files.

Match Branches

If you select option Remote File Plugin tries to find matching branch in repository which defined in Plugin SCM definition with in the Branch Sources SCM definition.

By this, Jenkins Files will be used in the branch of Jenkins File repository which have the same branch name in code source repository.

Branch Specifier will be ignored if this options is checked.

If plugin can not find same branch name in the Jenkins File repository, it will automatically fall back to master branch and search for Jenkins file in it.

This feature only work for Git SCM definitions

You can see screenshot of example definition.

Local File Project Recogniser

When using Remote File Plugin, you might want to build only repositories and branches which contain a certain file. In this case, you may specify a Local File in the Plugin SCM Definition. This way, Jenkins will create projects only for repositories and branches containing the file you specified.

In the example below, only repositories and branches containing a file named pom.xml would be recognised:


For filtering branches in the project, you can use "Filter by name" feature.


  1. Login Jenkins Jira
  2. Create issue with component name "multibranch-action-triggers-plugin"


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