Redmine Plugin

This plugin integrates Redmine into Jenkins (there's a plugin for Redmine that integrates Jenkins from the Redmine side, too.)Redmine is a flexible project management web application.
This plugin decorates Hudson "Changes" HTML to create links to your Redmine ticket.
As an example, if you committed a change with the following log message:

refs 123

Keyword that can be used( nnn is ticket number)

  • refs nnn


  • references nnn


  • IssueID nnn


  • fixes nnn


  • closes nnn


  • #nnn


  • refs nnn,nnn,nnn

Redmine REST API

This plugin uses Redmine REST API - to enable it, login into your Redmine, navigate to Administration -> Settings -> Authentication, check "Enable REST web service" and Save.

To use "Aggregate Redmine ticket metrics" you should provide API key assigned to existing Redmine user. Login as desired user, visit http://redmine/my/account, copy key from "API access key" and paste it into job on Jenkins.


Version 0.21 (2017/08/20)

  • JENKINS-39887 - redmine plugin crashes blue ocean show more link - thanks @i386
  • Fix typo in help files - thanks @kryger
  • Add Jenkinsfile to the plugin - thanks @ljader

Version 0.20 (2016/10/25)

  • Encrypt db password and API key using Secret class - thanks @ljader
  • Allow empty Redmine version, which assumes latest version - thanks @yoichi
  • Look for a project by it's identifier and then by name - thanks @eivindt and @deveth0
  • Improve description of fields in help files - thanks @ljader
  • Improve handling of self-signed Redmine sites - thanks @deveth0 and @ljader

Version 0.15 (2013/08/31)

Ths version is NOT compatibile with previous version - jobs need to be reconfigured. Sorry!

  • Redmine websites are now globally configured and only referenced in job settings - thanks @ljader
  • Redmine Repository browser path problem - thanks @ando-masaki & @yoichi
  • PostgreSQL isField fix - thanks @akallabeth

Version 0.13 (2013/04/30)

  • Workaround to fix error with https connection
  • add redmine user auth

Version 0.12 (2013/04/14)

  • include project name in redmine link
  • improve error message on invalid project name

Version 0.11 (2012/10/28)

  • support latest redmine ( fix ticket url bug )
  • add RedmineMetrics function

Version 0.10

  • move github

Version 0.9 (2010/10/11)

Version 0.8 (2009/12/28)

  • Update uses of deprecated APIs

Version 0.7 (2009/03/08)

  • compliant Redmine 0.8.1
  • don't link to #1,#2,#3 style bug fix

Version 0.6 (2008/12/23)

  • don't link to redmine repository at repository browser

Version 0.5 (2008/12/07)

  • compliant ticket number delimiter by &
  • don't use repository browser bug fix

Version 0.4 (2008/11/19)

  • compliant ticket number delimiter by ,

Version 0.3 (2008/11/09)

  • add matching keyword fixes and closes

Version 0.2 (2008/11/04)

  • first release

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