Qualys IaC Security


Qualys laC Security Integration with Jenkins

In the existing Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) environment, the security scans are conducted on cloud resources after deployment. As a result, you secure your cloud resources post-deployment to respective Cloud accounts.

With an introduction of the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security feature by Qualys Cloud-View, you can now secure your IaC templates before the cloud resources are deployed in your cloud environments. The IaC Security feature will help you shift cloud security and compliance posture to the left, allowing evaluation of cloud resources for misconfigurations much early during the development phase.

CloudView offers integration with Jenkins to scan and secure your IaC templates using the Jenkins pipeline job. It continuously verifies security misconfigurations against CloudView controls and displays the misconfigurations for each run. With a continuous visibility of the security posture of your IaC Templates at Jenkins pipeline you can plan for remedia- tion to stay secure post deployment.

For supported templates, other integrations, and features of Cloud laC Security, refer to CloudView User Guide and CloudView API User Guide.

Copyright 2022 by Qualys, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Qualys laC Security Integration with Jenkins Scanning laC Templates at Jenkins

Scanning laC Templates at Jenkins

The Jenkins integration allows you to perform IaC scans using pipeline job. We provide you with a pipeline job and options that you can configure to run based on various triggers.

You can perform an IaC scan on either of the following:

  • the entire git repository.
  • only the templates that were newly added / updates to the branch.

The results are generated on the build console that provides you with proactive visibility into the security of your laC templates residing in Git repositories.


  • Ensure that you have a valid docker pipeline plugin installed.
  • Ensure to configure environment variables used in the pipeline script before you run the pipeline job in Jenkins. For more info, refer Configure the Plugin.
  • To auto-trigger a Jenkins pipeline job, ensure that you install a specific Source Code Management (SCM) plugin, e.g., Bitbucket plugin, Bitbucket Server Integration. For autotrigger, the pipeline job must contain a Jenkins file.
  • Docker must be installed on the Jenkins agent node.
  • Ensure that you have a valid Qualys CloudView Security Assessment app subscription.

Let us see the quick workflow:

  • Configure the Plugin
  • Configure Git Repositories
  • Configure Pipeline Job

Configure the Plugin

Before running a scan, we have to install the IaC plugin on your Jenkins console. To deploy a plugin,

  • Configure the Plugin
  • Configure System
  • Run IaC Scan
  • View Scan Output

Configure the Plugin

Before running a scan, we have to install the Qualys IaC Security plugin into Jenkins.

  • Go to Jenkins dashboard, go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins.

App Screenshot-1

  • Navigate to Available plugin in the plugin manager and search Qualys IaC Security plugin.

App Screenshot-3

Configure System

  • On the Jenkins console, go to Manage Jenkins > Configure System

App Screenshot-4

  • Scroll down till you see the Qualys IaC Scan then click on Add.


App Screenshot-5

  • Enter your Qualys credentials.
  • Click Test Connection to ensure you are authenticated. The plugin will not be able to perform scans unless the test connection is successful.

App Screenshot-6

  • Click Save and Apply.

Run IaC Scan

Once we’ve deployed the IaC plugin and authenticated ourselves, we can run scans on selected templates.

  • On the Jenkins console, click New Item.

App Screenshot-7

  • Enter the name and select the type of project

App Screenshot-8

  • In the Build Steps, scroll down to Qualys IaC Scan.
  • Enter the required information.
  • Enter the path to the IaC template(file extension must be .yml, .yaml, .json or .tf).
  • You can choose to display failed results only, set the build failure conditions and timeout period.

App Screenshot-9

  • Return to the Jenkins Console and click Build Now

App Screenshot-10

View Scan Output

  • At the end of the job, the Jenkins pipeline creates the artifact file.
  • Go to Console Output to view the scan report for a selected pipeline job.
  • To view the scan report in detail, go to Qualys IaC Scan Report.
  • The Build Summary displays the failed controls of all the scanned templates. The failed scans are categorized based on their criticality. View the failed controls on the IaC Posture tab. Lastly, check the Remediation tab to learn how you can resolve the misconfiguration.
  • You can download the report as a Json file and view it locally as well.