Plugin Usage

ID: plugin-usage-plugin

This plugin gives you the possibility to analyze the usage of your installed plugins.


You can find the plugin on sidepanel of Jenkins. Every user is able to use this plugin.

The plugin will give you a report on how much every plugin will be used in all of your jobs (see the screenshot below). Therefore it will analyze the used extension points of each job.
Plugins used in pipeline scripts would not be listed normally as used by jobs, because they are used dynamically in Jenkinsfiles.

Supported Extension points

This plugins will first iterate through jobs to gather those types of extension points:

  • Builder
  • BuildWrapper
  • JobProperty
  • Publisher
  • SCM
  • Trigger

and will add other plugins at the end. 

Version History

Version 0.4 (04/22/2018)

  • add column with plugin's version
  • list all plugins, not only specified types of Extension Points

Version 0.3 (07/29/2014)

  • bugfix for sorting the table
  • Added support for french
  • Made the plugin available for every user and not just for the admins

Version 0.2 (07/11/2014)

  • UI improvements

Version 0.1 (07/09/2014)

  • initial Version
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Version: 1.1
Requires Jenkins 2.138.4
Installs: 3,912
Christian Meyer
Michal Laskowski
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