Pipeline Input Step Notification

Send notification after input step started, approved, aborted.

Support notifier are as follows:

  • Http Notifier: Send notification to the configured endpoint using HTTP/HTTPS protocol with POST method after Input step started, approved, aborted

Some apis described in Pipeline Stage View Plugin and Pipeline Input Step Plugin may be helpful when using this plugin, the data in the notification can help you assemble the request.


  • http://${JENKINS_URL}/${JOB_URL}/wfapi/pendingInputActions
  • http://${JENKINS_URL}/${JOB_URL}/wfapi/nextPendingInputAction
  • http://${JENKINS_URL}/${JOB_URL}/wfapi/inputSubmit?inputId=${INPUT_ID}
  • http://${JENKINS_URL}/${JOB_URL}/input/${INPUT_ID}/proceedEmpty
  • http://${JENKINS_URL}/${JOB_URL}/input/${INPUT_ID}/abort