Pipeline Graph View


This plugin provides new Action and View to view a WorkflowRun via the "Pipeline Graph" visualization that was popularized in the Blue Ocean plugin.

Getting started

  1. Install the pipeline-graph-view plugin
  2. Go to a pipeline run (not a job page)
  3. Click 'Pipeline Overview'


Pipeline Graph link

Basic pipeline:

Different statuses

Semi-complex pipeline:

Semi complex pipeline


See a live demonstration from a Jenkins Contributor Summit:

Demo of Pipeline Graph View plugin


This plugin aims to bring the best of Blue Ocean into the regular Jenkins UI.

That means functionality like:

  • Pipeline graph
  • Summary of runs in a job (like Pipeline Stage View Plugin, but simpler, more modern and more performant)
  • Modern logs viewing

The plugin should be lightweight, using or providing extension points where possible rather than building everything into one plugin.


Any help is much appreciated, the frontend code is written in React, the backend code is in Java, designers would be greatly appreciated as well.

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