GitHub Status Wrapper

ID: pipeline-gitstatuswrapper

This plugin allows pipeline and freestyle jobs to wrap arbitrary steps or builders. The plugin will then notify GitHub via a status message the result of the steps/builders

See the GitHub Readme for more info!

gitStatusWrapper makes your life easier!

stage('EZPZ Updates') {
    steps {
        gitStatusWrapper(credentialsId: 'github-token', gitHubContext: 'Status', description: 'Validating') {
            sh "./"

Stop calling githubNotify 3+ times

stage('Annoying status updates') {
    script {
      try {
        githubNotify(credentialsId: 'github-token', context: 'Status', description: 'Validating', status: 'PENDING')
        sh "./"
        githubNotify(credentialsId: 'github-token', context: 'Status', description: 'Validating', status: 'SUCCESS')
      catch (Exception e) {
        githubNotify(credentialsId: 'github-token', gitHubContext: 'Status', description: 'Validating', status: 'FAILURE')

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Version: 1.2.0
Requires Jenkins 2.73.3
Installs: 439
Zachary Sherwin
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