Outbound WebHook for build events

Outbound WebHook for Jenkins build events


Configure your Jenkins URL in Jenkins > Configuration section:

Add Outbound Webhook notification to Post-build Actions:

Sample payload

  "buildName": "#16",
  "buildUrl": "http://my-jenkins-url.com/job/test%20job/16/",
  "event": "success",
  "projectName": "test job",
  "buildVars": "..."

event has four possible values: start, success, failure, unstable.


./gradlew build

# or within a docker image:
./gradlew-docker build


./gradlew test

# or within a docker image:
./gradlew-docker test

Run server

./gradlew server

# or within a docker image, port 8080 is forwarded to the docker host:
./gradlew-docker server

Visit http://localhost:8080

The first time you visit it, you are required to go through the setup process. Please don't install any third-party plugins. This plugin we currently working on will be installed by default.

Admin user

I use the following credential for testing: admin/admin

Of course you don't have to copy my example.


Create a tag on GitHub: outbound-webhook-plugin-<version>.

Create file ~/.jenkins-ci.org with the following content:


Note: The credentials are from https://accounts.jenkins.io/.


./gradlew clean publish

# or within a docker image:
./gradlew-docker clean publish