Netsparker Enterprise Scan

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About this plugin

Allows users to start security scans via Netsparker Enterprise and see their reports in Jenkins


Global Settings

Netsparker Enterprise plugin needs the admin user to define the API settings only once.

Global Settings Override

Global settings can be overridden in pipeline scripts by giving ncApiToken and/or ncServerURL parameters.

Example Script

step([$class: 'NCScanBuilder', ncScanType: 'FullWithPrimaryProfile', ncWebsiteId: '19011b1b-4141-4331-8514-ab4102a4c135'])

Scan Settings

Once you define global API settings, the plugin retrieves available scan settings such as scannable website list and scan profile names. You can easily select relevant settings.

Scan Report

Once your initiated scan is completed, you can easily see your executive scan report on the build result window.


In order to use the Netsparker Enterprise scan plugin, following requirements needs to be satisfied:

  • The user must have API token which has permission to start security scan.

  • The token belongs to the Netsparker Enterprise account must have at least one registered website.

User Guide

Netsparker Enterprise Jenkins Plugin documentation is available at:

Netsparker Enterprise SDLC documentation is available at: