Minio Storage

The Jenkins project announced an unresolved security vulnerability affecting the current version of this plugin (why?):

Allows users to upload build artifacts to a Minio server

Plugin Configuration
  • Navigate to Manage Jenkins >> Configure System >> Minio upload configuration. Enter the Minio server URL, AccessKey and SecretKey (available during Minio server installation) and click Save.
  • Then configure project specific details. Open the Jenkins project whose build artifacts you want to upload to Minio. Click Configure on the left menu bar. In the next page, you'll find a new Post-build Action called Upload build artifacts to Minio server. Select the post build action and enter the relevant details in the document.
  • Now, all the artifacts as matching the entry under the Source field will be uploaded to your Minio server once a build is completed.
Making your build artifacts public

You can make your build artifacts public by making your Minio bucket public. You can follow this guide to do so: Minio Client Policy Guide. You can also share files in your bucket via Pre-signed URLs. Pre-signed URL Guide