Mattermost Notification

Mattermost plugin for Jenkins

This plugin allows users to send build notifications to a self-hosted Mattermost installation.

It is based on a fork of the Slack plugin:

The Slack plugin was a fork of the HipChat plugin:

Which in turn, was a fork of the Campfire plugin.

It includes Jenkins Pipeline support as of version 2.0:

mattermostSend color: 'good', message: 'Message from Jenkins Pipeline', text: 'optional for @here mentions and searchable text'

Jenkins Instructions

  1. The first step is to set up a Mattermost server
  2. Then Configure an incoming webhook
  3. Install this plugin on your Jenkins server
  4. Add it as a Post-build action in your Jenkins job.

Developer instructions

Make sure you have Maven and JDK installed.

Run unit tests

mvn test

Run findbugs:

mvn findbugs:check

Create an HPI file to install in Jenkins (HPI file will be in target/mattermost.hpi).

mvn package