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1.0.0Minimum Jenkins requirement: 2.7.3ID: matlab

The Jenkins plugin for MATLAB® enables you to easily run your MATLAB tests and generate test artifacts in formats such as JUnit, TAP, and Cobertura code coverage reports. 


  • Support to run MATLAB tests, present in the Jenkins workspace automatically. (This also includes the tests present in .prj files)

  • Generate tests artifacts in JUnit , TAP & Cobertura code coverage formats. 
  • Support to run tests, using custom MATLAB command or custom MATLAB script file.  

Potential upcoming features 

  • MATRIX build support. 

  • Pipeline scripting support. 
  • Support to run automatic tests on, remote MATLAB host.

Product Requirements 

  • MATLAB version R2013a or higher is required.
  • JAVA version 8 or higher is required.
  • Jenkins version 2.X required.

Getting Started 

For details on configuring build steps for Jenkins job, follow the instructions as per MATLAB GitHub repository's README file.

Version History

1.0.0 (8 April 2019)

  • Initial release
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