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build log file size checker1.2Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.509.3ID: logfilesizechecker

Installs: 569
Last released: 4 years ago
Stefan Brausch
Kathi Stutz
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Aborts a build if its log file gets too big.

This plugin monitors the size of the output file of a build and aborts the build if the log file gets too big. You can set a default value for the maximum allowed size in the Jenkins configuration as well as specify a maximum file size on the configuration page of each individual job.


Version 1.2 (Nov 06 2013)

  • Shorter title in job configuration for ab better look and feel

Version 1.1 (Oct 26 2013)

Version 1.0 (Sep 10 2012)

  • First version of this plugin
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