List Git Branches Parameter

ID: list-git-branches-parameter

This plugin adds ability to choose branches, tags or revisions from git repository configured as a parameter in your builds. Unlike Git Parameter Plugin, this plugin requires a git repository defined instead of reading GIT SCM configuration from your projects

Quick usage guide

  • Install the plugin
  • Go to your project, click This project is parameterized, click Add Parameter, choose List Git Branches (and more)

    Brief description of the named fields:
    • Name - Name for the parameter, i.e. FROM_BRANCH
    • Repository URL - git repository URL, i.e. ssh://
    • Credentials - git credentials stored in jenkins
  • Start a build and use the parameter


Release 0.0.7(2019-4-25)

  • Fix some bugs

Release 0.0.3 (2019-1-3)

  • Branch Name starts with "origin/"

Release 0.0.1 (2018-12-12)

  • Initial release

ArchivesGet past versions
Version: 0.0.9
Requires Jenkins 1.651.3
Installs: 3,475
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huang suoyuan
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