This plugin allows building projects using leiningen.

Configure the leiningen plugin

  • In order to set up leiningen-plugin, you need to specify the names and locations of your leiningen launch jars. Press the Manage Jenkins link and then the Configure System. You should now see the leiningen configuration section where you will be asked to specify the name and location for your leiningen launch jar.

Configure your project to use leiningen

  • Open your project configuration and add a Build using leiningen build step


  • Now, specify the leiningen arguments you need for your build.


  • Once you saved the project configuration, you can run your project and watch the virtual console to see leiningen in action.


  • Allow multiple leiningen launchers
  • Allow downloading a leiningen launcher
  • Integrate with test coverage



Added ability to specify a subdirectory relative to the workspace to run leiningen in.


Fixes issue with configuration loading on restart.


Initial release