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Kubernetes Cli1.0.0Minimum Jenkins requirement: 2.32.1ID: kubernetes-cli

Allows you to setup kubectl for Kubernetes

Plugin Information

View Kubernetes Cli on the plugin site for more information.



The aim of the Kubernetes Cli plugin is to be able to use any kubectl based tool to deploy resources on a Kubernetes cluster.

The plugin doesn't install the kubectl command line tool but only configures it.


A quick setup is :

- install the plugin

- add a credential to authenticate against the cluster (username/password, token, certificate)

- use the withKubeConfig() pipeline block or configure your job from the UI

- list the pods from a namespace you have permissions on

Kubernetes Environment

Follow the getting started guide on Kubernetes or use Google Kubernetes Engine.



Refer to the README in the plugin repository


Refer to the CHANGELOG in the plugin repository


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