Keycloak Authentication

Version: 2.3.0Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.625.3ID: keycloak
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Mohammad Nadeem
Thorsten (askannon)

Home page

(a fork with a newer keycloak version and a separate update-site can be found at this Home page)


You can watch the screencast in Vimeo/YouTube (You may have to put the speaker in high volume)

(applies only to the older plugin version)

Usage of the newer version:

Step 1 : Create a keycloak client in a realm

Lets call the realm 'ci' and the client 'jenkins'

Jenkins is running on port 8080

Create the client accordingly

Also make sure sample users are also created, in this case I have created 'devlauer'.

Step 2 : Copy the keycloak.json

Step 3 : In the Jenkins global settings page paste the content

Step 4 : In the Security Realm activate the security realm of the plugin

Step 5 : Login into jenkins

User would be redirected to keycloak for authentication

Step 7 : Keycloak would redirect back to jenkins

User would be redirected back to callback URL


You would also like to integrate keyclcoak with sonar



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