Javascript Widgets

Allows embedding various statistics available from Jenkins in your via javascript-snippets ala

With this plugin, you can integrate the output of some Jenkins statistics to external sites by including either a javascript snippet,
an open social gadget or using an iframe.

For examples follow the JS Widgets link at


Version 1.11-SNAPSHOT (Not released)

Version 1.10 (Apr 27 2013)

  • Ported to latest LTS (1.480.3)
  • Fix for wrong URLs in JSWidgets which would show the servlet container's URL even if the proxy url was configured in Jenkins.
  • Switched to Jacoco for coverage.

Version 1.9 (Jun 15 2012)

Version 1.8 (Feb 15 2011)

  • Fixes JENKINS-4889. For Maven2 builds the RunListeners seem to be invoked multiple times.

Version 1.7, Version 1.6 (Feb 04 2011)

  • Rename references from Hudson to Jenkins.

Version 1.5 (Dec 05 2010)

  • Fix recurring JSWidgets buttons in Maven2 builds, better fix for JENKINS-6164.
  • Introduce parameter skipDescription, which will skip writing the description of a job, so
    using the script output is possible in the description of a job as well.

Version 1.4 (Apr 05 2010)

  • Fix for JENKINS-6164: JSWidgets badge is lost with newer versions of Jenkins.

Version 1.3 (Dec 16 2009)

  • Fixes JENKINS-5106 Apostroph should be quoted
  • Use released checkstyle-plugin 2.4
  • Do not use empty tag for script, as this will break sometimes.

Version 1.2 (Nov 21 2009)

  • Include version 1.124 of stapler as provided by war with scope provided, otherwise a great number of dependant jars are included in the hpi.

Version 1.1 (Nov 21 2009)

  • Fixes JENKINS-4889.
  • Updates to newest dependency versions and parent.

Version 1.0 (Oct 19 2009)

  • First version.