Jira Service Management Integration

Use the Jenkins plugin to integrate with Jira Service Management and forward Jenkins build alerts. Jira Service Management determines the right people to notify based on their on-call schedules, notifies them via email, text messages (SMS), phone calls, and mobile push notifications (both iOS and Android), and escalates alerts until they’re acknowledged or closed.

⚠️ If the feature isn’t available on your site, keep checking Jira Service Management for updates.

Steps to install and test

  1. Install Maven and the JDK.
$ mvn -version | grep -v home
Apache Maven 3.5.0 (; 2017-04-03T22:39:06+03:00)
Java version: 1.8.0_131, vendor: Oracle Corporation
Default locale: en_US, platform encoding: UTF-8
  1. Create an HPI file to install the plugin in Jenkins.
    The HPI file is found at target/jsm-integration.hpi.
mvn hpi:hpi


Contributions to Jira Service Management Integration Jenkins Plugin are welcome! Read how to contribute to the project in CONTRIBUTING.md.


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