ID: jgiven

This plugin lets you generate JGiven reports as a post-build action.


The current supported dsl is as follows:

freeStyleJob('test-job') {
  publishers {
    jgivenReports {
      excludeEmptyScenarios() // Since 0.10
      html {
        customCss 'some.css'
        customJs 'some.js'
        title 'My Custom Title'
      results '**/*.json'


0.10.0 (25.12.2015)

  • (warning) Custom Files (js/css) are now taken from the workspace of the build and the path is interpreted relative to the workspace of the build (JENKINS-30981)
  • Updated JGiven to 0.10.1 and added support to configure to exclude empty scenarios (JENKINS-31337)

0.9.1 (14.10.2015)

  • Updated JGiven to 0.9.1
  • First two digits of the version now indicate the version of JGiven used

0.9.0 (11.10.2015)

  • Release failed - only SNAPSHOT was published

0.2 (25.9.2015)

  • Added support for the Job DSL Plugin.
  • Upgraded JGiven to 0.8.2
  • Only one Html Report (= previously called Html5 report) is supported

0.1.1 (21.02.2015)

  • Renamed Plugin from jgiven-plugin to jgiven - existing installations need to install the new plugin and deinstall the old one.

0.1 (18.02.2015)

  • Initial Release
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Version: 0.15.1
Requires Jenkins 1.625.3
Installs: 180
Stefan Wolf
Jan Schäfer
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