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JDK Tool
1.2Minimum Jenkins requirement: 2.112ID: jdk-tool

Installs: 201133
Last released: 7 months ago

Provides an installer for the JDK tool that downloads the JDK from Oracle's website. 

We want to warn that this plugin is not a good practice for production environments. As it relies on the Oracle's website to do the job, it's highly likely to stop working. It could happen because Oracle's website change or even if Oracle bans our downloads due to excessive bandwidth or whatever other reason). In fact, it doesn't work as of Java 10. And due to the changes on Oracle's license for Java 11, most likely it won't be updated to support Oracle JDK 11. The recommended approach is to download the JDK distribution using other installers, for example downloading it from a well known URL (preferably hosted on your own network), having it pre-installed in agent docker images, or executing a script to do the job.



1.2 (2018 Dec 06)

Do not pass the -v (verbose) flag to tar when extracting the JDK on Linux and Solaris to avoid writing the name of every file in the archive to build logs (PR #3 - Thanks @JasonMathison!).

1.1 (2018 Mar 19)

Update core dependency to 2.112 so it is not accidentally installed by 2.111 users.

1.0 (2018 Mar 14)

Split from Jenkins core 2.112. (JENKINS-22367)

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