JBoss Management

This plugin allows to manage a JBoss Application Server during build procedure.
With the plugin we can start/stop JBoss AS. It's very useful if we need to run some integration tests against of the server. There is also operation allows verification if artifacts are deployable.

The plugin is using JMX to communicate with JBoss AS so there is possible to implement other features.

Supported versions

The plugin was tested on JBoss AS versions:

  • 4.0.5.GA
  • 4.2.2.GA

I'm looking for feedback if the plugin works with other versions as well.


Recommended version of the Hudson is 1.355.

Known issues

  • There is a problem to add more then one step in build procedure at once. This problem is related to JENKINS-5028 and be managed in jboss component JENKINS-5635. Current workaround is to create one step save configuration and add another step by edit job configuration and again. Sorry for that but couldn't find quicker solution at this moment. (It looks like the problem not occuring in 1.355 version of Hudson)
  • There is a problem with version of log4j. The issue is related to JENKINS-4433 and be managed in jboss component in JENKINS-5709. (This issue is not occuring in Hudson 1.355)


Version 1.0.5 (4-Nov-2011)
  • added bind address option
Version 1.0.4 (20-Aug-2011)
  • remote server functionality added
  • do not cache global configuration (JENKINS-6306)
  • remove unnecessary stacktraces logging (JENKINS-6305)
Version 1.0.3 (20-Apr-2010)
  • added timeout to global server configuration, it will be honor during START_AND_WAIT operation
  • added support to verify WARs by CHECK_DEPLOYMENT operation
Version 1.0.2 (18-Feb-2010)
  • fixes in build step configuration
Version 1.0.1 (12-Feb-2010)
  • javadoc-ing, wiki page created
Version 1.0 (10-Feb-2010)
  • Initial release.