Ignore Committer Strategy

Jenkins Ignore Committer Strategy Plugin

This plugin provides addition configuration to prevent multi branch projects from triggering new builds based on a blacklist of users.

Installation & Configuration

The easiest way to install this plugin is through the plugin manager. Go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Available and search for Ignore committer strategy Once the plugin is installed, go to your job's configuration page and under Branch Sources use the Add button next to Build Strategies and add Ignore committer strategy. Alt text

The default behaviour is to prevent triggering new builds if at least one of the authors in the changeset is specified in the ignore list. However, it can be changed by ticking Allow builds when a changeset contains non-ignored author(s) checkbox, in this case a new build will be triggered if changeset contains an author that is not in the exclusion list. Alt text

Local interactive testing

In order to run this plugin locally run the following command

mvn hpi:run


The plugin logs are available under Manage Jenkins > System Log > All Jenkins Logs, optionally, you can add your own log recorded to catch only plugin specific messages.