HSTS Filter

ID: hsts-filter-plugin

Provides a very simple filter which adds a response header indicating that HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) response headers should be sent.

When recent browsers (including Chrome 4+ and Firefox 4+) see this information, this causes them to send all subsequent requests to your Jenkins installation securely via "https://", even if you enter the URL starting with "http://".
This ensures that browsers will not send any requests (including your cookie data) unencrypted for the duration specified in the configuration, making it less likely that your build data and login data can be captured while passing through insecure networks.


HSTS Header


1.0 (released 2011-09-26)

  • initial implementation
  • fully I18N
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Version: 1.0
Requires Jenkins 1.429
Installs: 345
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