HP ALM Quality Center

ID: hp-quality-center
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Allows users to synchronize test results from Jenkins with HP ALM Quality Center.


Quality Center Connection

Job Configuration

User Interface Method

Pipeline Syntax Method

As of V1.4 this plugin support Jenkins pipeline syntax for job configuration using the 'qc' symbol. For example:


qc domain: 'DOMAIN', project: 'PROJECT', planFolder: 'Subject/Software/Cat 0/Unit Tests', labFolder: 'Software/Cat 0', userDefinedFields: 'user-01=Demonstration', failOnNoTestResults: false

Note that userDefinedFields and failOnNoTestResults are optional parameters that do not need to be specified unless required.
Synchronized Unit Tests

Test Plan

Test Lab

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Version: 1.6
Requires Jenkins 1.642.4
Installs: 311
Michael Fazio
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