Google Authenticated Source

ID: google-source-plugin

Google Source Plugin

This plugin provides the credential provider to use Google Cloud Platform OAuth Credentials (provided by the Google OAuth Credentials plugin) to access source code from as well as https://* It supports both kinds of credentials provided by Google OAuth Credentials plugin : Google Service Account from metadata as well as Google Service Account from private key.

  1. In order to use a Git repository hosted on, your credential will need the scope Your service account will need to have access to the repository’s Google Cloud Platform project.
  2. In order to use https://*, your credential will need the scope Your service account will need to be whitelisted by the maintainers of that repository.


First, configure your OAuth credentials per instructions from Google OAuth Plugin.

Then, when configuring the Git repository for your Jenkins job, if you enter a https://* address in the “Repository URL” text area, your Credentials drop box will automatically be populated with credentials having the scope

Similarly, if you enter a Git repository, your Credentials box will be populated with credentials having the scope. 

Select the required credential, then your job is ready to go!

Version History

Version 0.1 (December 8, 2014)

* Initial release

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Version: 0.4
Requires Jenkins 2.190.1
Installs: 836
Andrey Stroilov
Gunhan Gulsoy
Nghia Tran
Vic Iglesias
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